Kids Ground: Educational Learn and Play APK + Mod 0.0.9

Kids Ground Educational Learn and Play APK Mod 0.0.9

Kids Ground: Educational Learn and Play v0.0.9 Bug version 10 has been made. Graphics are 2D and sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Kids Ground: Educational Learn and Play has been downloaded more than 10+ times in the Play Store.

APK Information of Kids Ground: Educational Learn and Play

Apk Name:Kids Ground: Educational Learn and Play
Package Name: Play Store
Current Version: 0.0.9
App Rating: 
Apk file Size: 53.7 MB
Requirement: Android 4.4+
Updated: 2018-11-05
App Installs: 10+

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Kids Ground: Educational Learn and Play short Description: ⚠️This application is completely safe and fun for kids! ⚠️

Kids Ground offers learning and fun to kids ranges 3 to 8. It includes important learning materials as well as the general knowledge that allows them to develop and enhance their thinking. They can discover a lot of things through this app. This app will be able to educate kids without harm in a fun way.

Some of the learning and skills they can acquire with Kids Ground:

✅Memory – helps them remember objects based on pictures
✅General Knowledge – help them know things they haven’t encountered before
✅Counting – help them play with numbers
✅Categorizing and Comparisons
✅And many more!

The learning materials will show some images that kids/toddler should know at their younger state. It also combined with sounds to make them more familiar with the object they see.

The games are very basic and simple to understand. It also has a score so that you can easily check if your kids improve as they continue to play the game.

These are some learning materials they can discover through the app:

✅50+ Types of fruits (real image of fruits globally)
✅100+ Animals (real image of animals globally)
✅30+ Dinosaurs (real image of dinosaurs)
✅Common Colors
✅Common Shapes
✅Letters (Complete Alphabet)
✅Variety of Vehicles
✅Variety of Professions
✅And many more in the future updates!

The app also includes simple games:

✅Fruit Guess – A game which presents a picture of a fruit then let them guess it. This will enhance their knowledge and memory capability
✅Star Count – A game that counts stars that appears in the screen. Will help kids in their counting skill.
✅Shape and ✅Letter Match – Help kids develop their vision and perspective.
✅Listen Well – A game the help children/kids familiarize with the sounds and pronunciation as they hear it.
✅And a lot of soon to come fun and games for kids.

✅This app will continue its update to add more contents to present.

We intentionally remove the ads to make it a completely ad-free application for kids. Doing this will make kids comfortable in learning and playing this application without complaint of random pop-up ads.

To support the development and future updates. A small amount is required to open some hard-worked components. This will help us improve and continue to support the app.
Fix the wrong header for Letter Match.
Added count again button in Count Stars
Top score will now adjust as the score overtakes it.

Removed dialog box unusual popup.
Fixed tweeter share
Fixed Rate It button