Cheeky Chooks 1.10 MOD, Unlocked All

Cheeky Chooks 1.10 MOD Unlocked All

Cheeky Chooks v1.10 Bug version 10 has been made. Graphics are 2D and sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Cheeky Chooks has been downloaded more than 500+ times in the Play Store.

APK Information of Cheeky Chooks

Apk Name:Cheeky Chooks
Package Name: Play Store
Current Version: 1.10
App Rating: 
Apk file Size: 53.7 MB
Requirement: Android 4.1+
Updated: 2018-11-01
App Installs: 500+
Category: Casual

Cheeky Chooks 1.10 screenshots 1

Cheeky Chooks short Description: CHEEKY CHOOKS !
Do you have what it takes to be an ultimate Chook rancher? Gonna be straight with ya kid, it can be tough work. These are some CHEEKY CHOOKS, and you’re gonna realise quickly if you dont keep your chooks happy, you’ll go bankrupt, financially AND morally! Hah!

Theres so many different chooks! Probably millions… okay not millions, but a lot! If you want to hatch them all, you’re going to need to grow from a small podunk dusthole into a gigantic chicken utopia MEGA RANCH!

Move up the ranks, complete missions, and unlock cool upgrades and buildings for your chooks. You’re gonna need to stay current to keep up with the innovation revolution and maintain a sustained level of disruption!

Everything from coops and perches, to juke boxes and themepark rides, keeping your chooks happy is very expensive… but the happier your chooks, the more money you’ll make, so you can buy more stuff, and happier chooks so you can get more stuff for your chooks an….

Build your chook empire from a small dust bowl to a giant mega ranch!
Different types and rarities of chooks to discover and hatch!
Each chook is unique! With their own name, bio, and 100% completely sentient AI.
Minigames! Chook facts! Events! Secret legendary Cheeky Chooks with ultra cool buffs and unique abilities that to unlock you just need to… ahem. Nvm.
Full day/night and weather systems.
Protect your chooks from bad weather and predators.
Sandbox building, put buildings where you want, rotate them as you please, make your ranch with your own personal flair without any lame grids holding you back.
Place, rotate, and move any buildings or items any way you want.

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Bug Fixes:
– Fixed the Halloween Event shop button being interactable during the tutorial
– Fixed Tier 0 Missions not being unlocked after completing the tutorial
– Fixed being unable to delete empty feeders and drinkers
– Fixed the Happiness UI not updating when increasing the Happiness cap

– Lowered the default Music volume
– Made it more obvious when a bat is leaving the farm
– Added Legendary Chooks to the Total Chooks value
– Changed some ‘Chickens’ in the menus to ‘Chooks’