大航海時代V-正宗光榮授權 APK + Mod 4.0.4

V- APK Mod 4.0.4

大航海時代V-正宗光榮授權 v4.0.4 Bug version 10 has been made. Graphics are 2D and sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. 大航海時代V-正宗光榮授權 has been downloaded more than 100,000+ times in the Play Store.

APK Information of 大航海時代V-正宗光榮授權

Apk Name:大航海時代V-正宗光榮授權
Package Name: Play Store
Current Version: 4.0.4
App Rating: 
Apk file Size: 53.7 MB
Requirement: Android 4.0.3+
Updated: 2018-11-08
App Installs: 100,000+
Category: Adventure

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大航海時代V-正宗光榮授權 short Description: 
上市25年 風靡全球千萬航海迷。
日本正宗『光榮』旗下大航海V 海上策略遊戲

《大航海時代 V》是《大航海時代》系列睽違15年的經典續作。


● 《強》 遠距離型 → 《弱》 中距離型
● 《強》 中距離型 → 《弱》 近距離型
● 《強》 近距離型 → 《弱》 遠距離型




※ 本軟體依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為「輔導級」(15歲以上之人始得使用)

on the market for 25 years swept the world’s 10 million sailing fans.
Japan authentic “glory” of its maritime strategy game Uncharted Waters V

“Age of Discovery V” is the “Age of Discovery” series after nearly 15 years of classic sequel.
Heritage features of the series “Age of Discovery”, a combination of “adventure”, “transaction”, the three basic elements “naval battle”, stressed the high degree of freedom, allowing the player in addition to playing the game like a medieval Republic of Genoa (now Italy north-west) ocean explorer “Christopher Columbus”, it can also create exclusive own vessels, tissue strong fleet, but also to invest in different cities around the world, changing forces in the territory.
This made more added a new element – the terrain can change the world “multi-chart system.” Through the player’s route, exploration and trading patterns will change, adding more fun to conquer the sea of ​​mysterious way –

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[Game Features]
1- transactions
Make good use of clever trade routes to expand the asset, so that the port developed.
And then the acquisition of special products all over the world, to establish their own circulation route, to dream Monopoly voyage!
2- Adventure
Exploration of unknown seas, unlock puzzles heritage around the world –
In the voyage will acquire materials or items at any time encounter storms, involved in seaweed, met the pirates … and so on, make sure the Air ama vessel equipment can cause items to avoid trouble events, to allow the fleet to sail safely.
3- naval
Establish strong fleet of their own, chasing the evil pirates over the country, the achievements of your maritime supremacy.
The crew glimpses of the notorious pirate ship in the waters near the naval incident eyeing … explosive! With a fast port “route setting” to target vessels to sail it! Effect fighting will be affected by three attributes (short distance, middle distance, long distance), the three attributes of grams mutual relationship, the damage will be determined corresponding to the value of this relationship:
● “strong” type remote → “weak” type distance
● “strong” → type distance “weak” close type
● “strong” type proximity → “weak” long-range type
4- multiple chart system
The new element was added to change the forces in the territory, to create a unique “multiplayer maps navigation” system based on history, players will be flying in the parallel world of the imagination charts, exploring different cultural characteristics and mysterious hidden treasure!
5- Air ama incubated
The game contains “Columbus”, “Magellan” …. and so on more than 100 well-known man of brilliant record, the player can understand Biao Bing more power battle at sea warrior by stimulating and varied “task Biography” with history travel adventure story space shuttle era full of heroes.
6- Traditional Chinese official, permanent free!

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“Age of Discovery V” to start it! Heading along the great waterway!

[Online Service] http://gv5.wasabii.com.tw/faq/service.shtml
Customer service line] + 886-2-8751-2168

※ This software according to game software hierarchical management approach classified as “Parental Guidance” (people over 15 years of age may only use)
First, note the use of time, avoid indulging in games.
Second, the mall part of the game, you need to buy game points to use.