ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】 APK 2.2.12 Current Version Android

RPG APK 2.2.12 Current Version Android

ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】 v2.2.12 Bug version 10 has been made. Graphics are 2D and sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】 has been downloaded more than 1,000,000+ times in the Play Store.

APK Information of ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】

Apk Name:ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】
Package Name: Play Store
Current Version: 2.2.12
App Rating: 
Apk file Size: 53.7 MB
Requirement: Android 2.3.2+
Updated: 2018-09-28
App Installs: 1,000,000+
Category: Card

ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】 2.2.12 screenshots 1

ファルキューレの紋章 【美少女育成×萌えゲームRPG】 short Description: ◆◇美少女育成×萌えゲームアプリ!ファルキューレの紋章!!◇◆

「騎士様、どうか美少女達の紋章を集めて、悪の帝国を倒してください…/// 」


「騎士…さん…改めて…紋章に触れていただきたい…です。決意を…もっと、もっともっと強固にするために…ダメ…ですか? 」


「私はキミがけっこう好き。……ちなみにこのけっこうは、かなり上位ランクに位置する。…え…神と…キミ…? あ……う……それは…い、今…手を繋いでくれたら…かなり形勢が有利になる…よ…?」






◆公式サイト: http://falkyrie.mynet.co.jp/
NTT docomo, au, SoftBankのAndroid携帯(OS:Android2.3以上、タブレットは除く)
◆ ◇ Beautiful girl training × Moe game application! Falukule’s crest !! ◇ ◆

Let’s become the knight of the kingdom and touch the crest engraved on the body of the girl and let’s release their power!
Fantasy RPG to travel with a girl!
  “Knight, please collect the crests of the girls and defeat the evil empire … ///”

◆ ◇ Enjoy the original story with beautiful girls! ◇ ◆
A story with many girls who meet in the trip can be enjoyed for free and it is fun!
Let’s Play the Pretty Girls Development Card Game Now!
Christmas costume for idol, princess, shrine maiden, Alice, Venus, uniform, swimwear girls …!
We hold monthly cosplay events according to seasons and academic themes such as, etc!
Let’s get the girls’ cosplay moe cards that will appear every month!

◆ ◇ If you deepen your bonds, you can also enjoy romance with girls! ◇ ◆
While enjoying the original story, leave for adventurous journeys with beautiful girls!
Love with girls on the way … ?!
Furthermore, when deepening our bonds through evolution, emblems appear in the body … ?!
Foster a beautiful girl and dyed it to you, enjoy enjoying romance with them!
“Knight … … again … I would like to touch the emblem …. I am determined … To make it even more stronger … …”

【What is the Crest of Falukire …? 】
Witch Elena overthrows –
Together with the hero, the journey to regain peace to the kingdom comes out to the beautiful girls of “Falcure” which is the guardian of the kingdom.
Along with the witch’s attack, the beautiful girls scattered around the world are friends!
Fantasy RPG that you can enjoy adventure with beautiful girls alone with your beautiful girls development game!

further! Also enjoy romantic love with beautiful girls, love simulation too!
Which daughter do you love …?
Among pretty girls, angels and princesses of myths, girls with cat ears too! Recommended for you too!
With my favorite daughter, I can play it for free! Moe card game RPG!
“I like you pretty much … By the way this is pretty high ranked … … … God … Kimi … Ah … that … it is … now … If you connect hands … pretty good will be advantageous … oh …? “

【Game Introduction】
“Emblem” × “Battle” × “Girls” Moe game application!

■ “Crest!” – The power of the emblem is the key to the story!
Falchire’s beautiful girls are engraved with emblems somewhere in the body.
Power up by touching your emblem with open minds!

■ “Battle!” – Great glow! Card battle!
In the Falculey captured by the magical powers of the empire, the daughter who sends hostility to you …!?
Let’s save them with your power and fight together with you!

■ “Girls!” – Many pretty girls appear! Pretty girl training Moe game!
Falcurees who are the guardians of the kingdom, only pretty girls!
Idol, Princess, Shrine Maiden, Alice, Venus, Uniform, Swimsuit … Appears in various costumes!
Let’s cute and cultivate girls of Falchire discretized in various places!

“I, I am prepared for you, as a swordsman, since I am ready to give up my life any time. I just wanted to say that … … If you take it for granted … …. Touching the emblem …? “

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Let’s check the latest information on official website and official Twitter account!
◆ Official website: http://falkyrie.mynet.co.jp/
◆ Official Twitter account: @myneteden
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【Operating environment】
NTT docomo, au, Android mobile of SoftBank (OS: Android 2.3 or higher, except tablet)
* For other environments, installation is possible, but it is outside the guarantee of operation. Please note.
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【Contact us here】
Please contact us for inquiries such as troubles / demands from the inquiry form in “Settings” of the title menu after launching the application.
You can also contact us from the following e-mail address.
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【2018/09/28(金)ver2.2.12 にアップデート】:主な変更点は以下の通りです。